Stainless Steel Corrugated Hoses are to replace the traditional rubber and plastic hoses, where high or low temperature or chemically corrosive fluids are encountered. These hoses are used for correction of minor misalignment, to accommodate reprocating or flexing movement, and to absorb vibrations. Corrugated Steel Hoses are manufactured from seamless or longitudinally welded tubes. Tubes are corrugated mechanically or hydraulically by means of special tools. A distinction is made between helically corrugated hose (the corrugation forms a spiral around the hose axis) and annularly corrugated hose (the individual corrugations form closed rings perpendicularly to the hose axis). Annular corrugated hose have the advantage of helically corrugated ones. It contains a large number of individual corrugations at constant pitch.

With corrugated metal hoses the flexibility is determined by elastic behavior of corrugation profile. Flexibility increases with higher corrugation and close pitch. During bending, the corrugation on the outside radius expand whereas those on the inside radius radius are compressed.

To increase pressure resistance and to provide protection against mechanical damage where necessary corrugated metal hoses are made with single or multiple wire braiding..







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