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* Roller Cover with Metal Strips

* Metallic Roller Cover

* Hgh Temperature Fabric Bellow

* Hi-Temperature Bellow for Cylinder Rod or Spindle

* Flexible Bellows

* Metallic Bellows




Roller Cover with Metal Strips



Product Specification

Roller Cover with Metal Strips : 

We are offering wide range of  Roller Cover with Metal Strips.  These are made of high grade  steel. Available as per client specification.

Metallic Roller Cover



Product Specification

Metallic Roller Cover : 

We are offering wide range of  Metallic Roller Cover. It has high-tensile strength, great precision, good transmission stability, and abrasion-resistant,temperature-resistant.



Hgh Temperature Fabric Bellow


Product Specification

Hgh Temperature Fabric Bellow :

We offer finest quality fabric bellows that are highly useful to protect important precision machine from dust, dirt, oil, liquid, grinded powder, water, hot-cold air, metallic chips, smokes, solvents, weld splatter, granules and others. Salient features of the product include durability, high performance and efficient long term usage.



Hi-Temperature Bellow for Cylinder Rod or Spindle

Delivery /Suction Hose


Product Specification

Round Bellow :

We also offer high temperature round bellow with unique designs to handle corrosive and abrasive media. Round bellows are ideal for protecting Cylinder Rod or Spindle cylinder rods . This product is available in a wide selection of materials to meet your application requirements.


Metallic Bellows


Product Specification

Metallic Bellows : 

These are the most efficient & functionally reliable compensatory for piping to diverse applications involving high temperature & pressure.



Flexible Bellows


Product Specification

Flexible Bellows :

Used primarily as heavy duty protectors in many different industries. These bellows are designed to absorb motion and displacement between pipe flanges.








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