Item Code : 8189/1976


This hose is specifically manufactured for dockand offshore operations of petroleum productscontaining not

more than 25% aromatic hydrocarbon content.


Lining                    :

Uniform lining of suitable rubber compound, resistant

to all grades of petroleum and blended products having

aromatic hydrocarbon content not more than 25%.

Reinforcement       :

Plies of Natural or synthetic woven fabric rubberised with a suitable compound and

two helical GS wires, (as per IS 280/78) embedded in the reinforcement plies in the case of

smooth bore and in rough bore hose, the first is internal and the second is embedded.

Electrical Bonding  :

A copper wire comprising of a number of strands is embedded between

the reinforcement plies to provide electrical continuity along the whole length

of the hose.

Cover                    :

Chloropreme rubber outer cover having plain or corrugated cloth marked finish,

resistant to oil, abrasion and weather.

End Connection     :



Upto 100

Upto 200


Above 200

The hose has built-in nipples with or without flanges as per customer's specification.


Max Length (meters)




Temperature         : -40oF to +200oF







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